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10.06.2014 – Ayenda Foundation celebrated its 9th Annual Benefit Dinner at the Embassy of Italy hosted by H.E. Ambassador and Mrs. Claudio Bisogniero.

The Foundation brought together U.S. Officials, members of Congress, Media partners, corporations, longstanding Friends and supporters and the Diplomatic community committed to this mission.

Mrs. Shamim Jawad, Founder and President of Ayenda Foundation welcomed the guests and thanked Ambassador Bisogniero and Mrs. Laura Denise for hosting the wonderful event at their magnificent embassy. She said, “Our people are proud of their very longstanding friendship with Italy.  Almost 12 years ego Italian solders were among the first group of NATO forces that came to Afghanistan to assist Afghans and Americans defeat the Taliban and to make Afghanistan a safer place for our children.  Italy led the efforts to reform


the judicial system and strengthen the rule of law in Afghanistan, which is key for women rights protection.  We are grateful to the Italian solders, people and government for their sacrifice and generous support of our people. Again thank you Mr. Ambassador for all your generosity.”

Mrs. Jawad expressed her gratitude to Ayenda’s sponsors, donors, in-kind contributors, her board members for their continued commitment and friendship and the young musicians for their performance of the traditional Afghan music. She said, “As I stand here every year, I look around the room and see so many friends that have supported our effort year

after year and gave us the strength to continue our work. We couldn’t have come this far without your dedication and commitment to humanity and children of Afghanistan, thank you.”