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03.22.2017 – Ayenda Foundation celebrated its 12th Annual Benefit Dinner at the Embassy of Finland, hosted by H.E. Ambassador Kirsti Kauppi.

The Foundation brought together U.S. Officials, members of Congress, Media partners, corporations, longstanding friends and supporters and the Diplomatic community.

Mrs. Shamim Jawad, Founder and President of Ayenda Foundation welcomed the guests and thanked Ambassador Kauppi for hosting the wonderful event at their beautiful embassy. She said, “We are grateful for Finland’s assistance for girl’s education, women empowerment, rule of law, the reform of Justice sector, protection of human rights and good governance.  In the past 15 years, Finland has provided Afghanistan with over $30 million Eur per year for such crucial projects.

Thank you Madam Ambassador for making sure that Finland’s support for the education and training of Afghan women and girls continues and remains strong”.

During the program, Mrs. Jawad updated guests of the recent developments on new initiatives moving forward with the Ayenda School and its expansion and operation as a private school.

Mrs. Jawad expressed her gratitude to Ayenda’s supports, She said, “You are my core group, you are the one who gives me strength to host this event every year. I speak to you from the heart; you know my story, our story the story of how and why we started our work and why we decided to open a school in Bamiyan, the most remote province in Afghanistan. We responded to a need from the people of Bamiyan to build a school for orphans”.

She further emphasized, “We at Ayenda are thrilled to be able to build a fully functioning school with modern facility, computer lab, playground, English and computer classes, hot meal, breakfast and lunch for the orphans. We have been able to educate 1000s of students in Bamiyan since we started our school in 2009”.

The program concluded by a premier fashion show of the traditional Afghan clothing. The beautiful models showcased the most incredible outfits from different time periods and regions of Afghanistan.

Following the Fashion Show, guests enjoyed viewing the beautiful Art exhibition of sculptures and miniature paintings by the talented artists from the HM Studios.  The evening continued while guests enjoyed the delicious Afghan dinner buffet, provided by Bamian Restaurant


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