Inauguration of Ayenda Children’s Center at the Beautiful Building of the ICAWED at the new Campus of AUAF

On May 25, 2013, we inaugurated our Children’s Center and Daycare at the beautiful building of the International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development at the new campus of the American University of Afghanistan. In line with the mission of Ayenda Foundation to promote the welfare of children and support women rights and gender equality, the Daycare is designed to serve working mothers who visit the Women’s Center to conduct business.  The Daycare provides a safe place for their children while they are at the Center to hold meetings and engage in business initiatives.

The International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development (ICAWED) serves to coordinate international and Afghan efforts to advance the role of women in the Afghan economy.  It promotes collaboration on women’s economic empowerment with academic, business, and government partners.

The ICAWED is a 5,500-square-meter building, which houses computer labs, video conference facilities, a radio broadcast studio, training and classrooms, research facilities, the TFBSO business accelerator, a 200-seat auditorium, the Laura W. Bush library and resource center, the Louis Berger Afghan Cultural Center and the Ayenda Foundation Children’s Center and Daycare. Its programs will foster lasting networks, raise public awareness, and coordinate knowledge management.

Ayenda Foundation is continuously looking to partner with organizations that support women and children’s initiatives and is proud of this new partnership with AUAF’s International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development.